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my life is over: a cavalier farewell to party down

Patrick Duffy of Step by Step fame! Weed cookies and a white lady named Rihanna! Megan Mullally’s character on coke! So many memories. If you read our twitter (I won’t blame you if you don’t. Honestly.), then you know that … Continue reading

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well, would you look at that

Unrelated: I’d kill for a delicious burrito right now. Image via Reddit.

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an elegy, of sorts, for blanche deveraux

Such class. Such elegance. Poise. Charm. The hair! The matching separates! The very core, the crux, the essence of a true lady! The woman, nay, the legend Blanche Deveraux is no more. Rue McClanahan, the lady behind Blanche’s southern harlot … Continue reading

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