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eclipse: the critics were wrong. or right, depending on who you ask.

Let’s be honest. I can’t remember much of this terrible thing, because I was force fed unnecessarily expensive margaritas beforehand, and of course I welcomed them. If you don’t know about the disdain I have for my liver, then you … Continue reading

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the new york times needs a fact checker

That’s right. I’m bringing the FACE of Cedric Diggory to Ebony and Irony, in order to reveal a massive mistake on the part of The New York Times. Which, I guess, isn’t really so much as a terrible thing as … Continue reading

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harry pooter (the typo stays) and the deathly hallows: a trailer

Apparently some MTV award show aired last night. I don’t give a shit. What I do give a shit about: Harry Potter and his minions. And the fact that his kiss with Ginny made me extremely uncomfortable. Quit while you’re … Continue reading

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