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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: consider the libido.

I wouldn’t wish antidepressants on anyone — especially not anyone suffering from depression. Continue reading

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about this whole skanky teenager thing.

I don’t get it. Believe me, I was somewhat sheltered— I didn’t see someone snorting cocaine off of an insect ridden microwave top until I was 21 and it wasn’t that I believed in modesty, I just believed in not … Continue reading

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13 reasons to live.

We all get depressed sometimes. Whether it’s your faulty brain chemistry, a pending multicultural marriage within the family, or how this fucking summer weather is setting your hair back approximately 2.5 decades — or, perhaps, a perfect storm of the … Continue reading

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chatroulette, or, penises and the downfall of our generation

Let me be brief. ChatRoulette is basically going to ruin our generation. It’s the Shakespearean tragedy that kills us all. It’s the downfall of general internet society. It’s frightening and nearly gave me two separate panic attacks, unrelated to Cedric … Continue reading

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the new york times needs a fact checker

That’s right. I’m bringing the FACE of Cedric Diggory to Ebony and Irony, in order to reveal a massive mistake on the part of The New York Times. Which, I guess, isn’t really so much as a terrible thing as … Continue reading

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i only kiss attractive people.

During my brief tenure in New York, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend — these “I Only Kiss Yankees Fans” shirts from Victoria’s Secret. I’m not saying that no one should wear these things, but everyone I’ve seen wearing them has … Continue reading

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fml: manhattan edition

I disagree with the commenters here: as this sign is in Manhattan, I would take this to mean “FML I’m in obnoxious Manhattan…again.” Also, MTA, you disgust me: I hate that the M and the F are involved in whatever … Continue reading

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on the great outdoors.

If this were a LiveJournal entry, I’d tell you all about how it felt to return to Brooklyn with LL Cool J lingering several states behind, or perhaps explore the soaperatic afternoon where I met my stepmother & stepsister to … Continue reading

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national public radio and the “brooklyn hipster”

Let’s make this brief, shall we? I’ve been at home this weekend, a brief foray back into the suburbs (oh my god, I forgot about insects other than cockroaches, and also trees) and I was thinking how I really need … Continue reading

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why I don’t care about the LOST finale.

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in a four-year relationship. It’s had its ups and downs, but he’s still the best you’ve ever had. You blab about him to all of your friends. Everyone knows how into this you are. And then, it’s … Continue reading

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