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we’re moving! on up!

Oops, I’m too tired to formulate anything clever, but E+I is finally movin’ on up from to — which is super exciting, whether or not you know what I’m talking about. So revise your bookmarks and whatnot, as … Continue reading

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monday champ.

I missed a lot of work last week because I’m a chemically imbalanced moron, which meant that there was a lot of stuff to do today, and really no reason not to stay until shortly after 8 in the evening. Our … Continue reading

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chatroulette, or, penises and the downfall of our generation

Let me be brief. ChatRoulette is basically going to ruin our generation. It’s the Shakespearean tragedy that kills us all. It’s the downfall of general internet society. It’s frightening and nearly gave me two separate panic attacks, unrelated to Cedric … Continue reading

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we have a twitter!

I’m not really into this shit, but it’s probably a good idea that I stop being Blanche (RIP) and start being… Hannah Montana? I don’t know. Follow us, or whatever Twitter people do. Twat? We’ll make it worth your … Continue reading

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Let’s face it, the internet has been kind of a sad place since the demise of Yahoo! Geocities. This calamity shook the core of the www, and made us nostalgic for a simpler time: of middle school, dialup, internet explorer, … Continue reading

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