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pushing daisies is kind of brilliant

You know a show is worthwhile if it’s given the axe after one or two or three seasons. You know, the Arrested Development, Party Down, Freaks & Geeks, Golden Palace types (obviously, I had to include the Golden Girls spinoff, … Continue reading

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intense music, or, my intense affection for dirty projectors

Whenever I come home and press play on my iTunes, I get a lot of “What the hell are you listening to?” from blood relative passerbys. To the point where the strange coming from my speakers is kind of ignored, … Continue reading

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eclipse: the critics were wrong. or right, depending on who you ask.

Let’s be honest. I can’t remember much of this terrible thing, because I was force fed unnecessarily expensive margaritas beforehand, and of course I welcomed them. If you don’t know about the disdain I have for my liver, then you … Continue reading

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my life is over: a cavalier farewell to party down

Patrick Duffy of Step by Step fame! Weed cookies and a white lady named Rihanna! Megan Mullally’s character on coke! So many memories. If you read our twitter (I won’t blame you if you don’t. Honestly.), then you know that … Continue reading

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about this whole skanky teenager thing.

I don’t get it. Believe me, I was somewhat sheltered— I didn’t see someone snorting cocaine off of an insect ridden microwave top until I was 21 and it wasn’t that I believed in modesty, I just believed in not … Continue reading

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here’s written advice about pubic hair because imovie is really difficult.

I am seriously technologically unable.

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lady gaga: nothing will tear us apart. okay, maybe that’s a lie.

Before I get approach the topic of Lady Giggles, I want to talk about how I got to writing about Lady Giggles in the first place. Last night, I read this article, which echoed (and was titled after) a very … Continue reading

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chatroulette, or, penises and the downfall of our generation

Let me be brief. ChatRoulette is basically going to ruin our generation. It’s the Shakespearean tragedy that kills us all. It’s the downfall of general internet society. It’s frightening and nearly gave me two separate panic attacks, unrelated to Cedric … Continue reading

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the new york times needs a fact checker

That’s right. I’m bringing the FACE of Cedric Diggory to Ebony and Irony, in order to reveal a massive mistake on the part of The New York Times. Which, I guess, isn’t really so much as a terrible thing as … Continue reading

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we have a twitter!

I’m not really into this shit, but it’s probably a good idea that I stop being Blanche (RIP) and start being… Hannah Montana? I don’t know. Follow us, or whatever Twitter people do. Twat? We’ll make it worth your … Continue reading

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