intense music, or, my intense affection for dirty projectors

Whenever I come home and press play on my iTunes, I get a lot of “What the hell are you listening to?” from blood relative passerbys. To the point where the strange coming from my speakers is kind of ignored, or someone will just mumble, “You listen to some strange stuff, girl.” Which is fine. In the same vein that I am an insufferable book snob, I (usually) have (a little) reason for listening to the non traditional music I listen to.

One of the huge reasons is that I listen to what people in Brooklyn listen to. My favorite days at work are when someone lets me turn on the alternative station or Sirius’ university station— things outside of my admittedly distinct taste are sure to play (ugh, Animal Collective) but also, I’m going to hear some Vampire Weekend, Lykke Li, or The Xx. The last gets me particularly excitable. I’ve got a pretty varied taste, and even though I’ve recently been lacking in hoodrat music (shame on me! No, seriously) I enjoy a great deal of different kinds of music.

And so, a segue to Dirty  Projectors. Dave Longstreth and his clan of harmonizing ladies are bound to give you a strong reaction to their music, whether you’re familiar with their work or not. Point is, Dirty Projectors and Bjork got together and made an album, aptly titled Mount Wittenberg Orca, and it’s going to save the oceans or something environmentally sage. And it’s beautiful! Reminiscent of their last album, Bitte Orca, but with a nice little Bjork touch. She fits in perfectly, and I suppose it isn’t surprising. Bravo, Bjork. Remember that time you wore a swan to an awards show? You’ve come so far.

Also, the impossible: more layers of carefully crafted harmonies, more jumping vocal cords. Romance! I would begin to argue that this baby LP is less pop and more general experimentation, which works really well for Dirty Projectors, always. Then again, what people claim are their pop inspired songs— Stillness is the Move, anyone?— are equally amazing. So really, this album that I actually paid for, by the way, is just a refreshing bit for the constant craving I have for Brooklyn’s finest. I just wish it was longer.

Listen to one of the tracks, All We Are, below!

Image via

Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

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