can we talk about party down?

And not my eighteen consecutive posts?

When I’m not designing stationery for stupid rich ladies, I need to do something with my life. Obviously, I spend quite a bit of that time on Hulu and Netflix. Less so recently, since we’re in a strange period between all the shows that air from fall to spring and the summer shows. So when I’m waiting for Netflix to send me more Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass don’t fail me now!), I turn to Party Down.

Here was my immediate thought: that guy looks familar. Him too. And that’s a guy from Freaks and Geeks. And that’s Sue Sylvester from Glee*. And thats, wait a minute. Wait a minute. WAIT. IS THAT JANIS IAN OF MEAN GIRLS FAME? AS IN, “YOU SMELL LIKE A BABY PROSTITUTE” JANIS IAN? My God, it is.

But I wasn’t sold yet. A month passed between the time that I watched the pilot and the second episode, but by the time the credits were rolling in the second episode, I was fiendishly craving for more. How can I possibly explain the effect that Party Down has on me? How can I possibly explain why I like it? Basically, I can’t. But it’s in the same vein as other appropriately inappropriate shows I like, the It’s Always Sunnys and the Archers. Besides, it’s fundamentally about a group of actors who can’t even be called has beens, and you can’t even relate to them or pity them because they are so ridiculous. And the writing is fantastic. And there are prosthetic penises in one episode! And I mean, bravo, Starz. Who knew you weren’t worthless? So, should I really have to explain any more?

And besides, two words: Janis Ian. That says enough.

*Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester is no longer with the show due to her committment with Glee, BUT! She has been replaced with none other than Megan Mullally. It’s awkward when she’s not Karen on Will and Grace, but I’m getting used to her. Slowly. Surely.

P.S.: This was the only clip I could find in 2 minutes, because I’m lazy.

Image via Party Down official website.

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4 Responses to can we talk about party down?

  1. Joymarie says:

    Where can I watch Party Down online.. (for free)?!

    • irony says:

      netflix, which is the reason i live. netflix, obviously, isn’t exactly free but it’s basically the best thing to happen in my life.

  2. ebony says:

    that clip was awesome. i’m going to have to jump on this ship.

    and janice ian is really pretty when she’s not being janice ian.

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