good television

Good Television is hard to come by, these days. Usually, the good shit is overlooked. Unpopular. I guess some shows are popular in some circles, like the whole Community/The Office/30 Rock/Parks & Recreation Thursday night line up is something that us young folk are keen on, but everyone knows some of these are shows that are known for getting awards but that are rarely actually watched by a substantial group of people. Besides, to be honest, 30 Rock has been kind of sucky this season… while Parks and Rec has been on the up and up. I really like that show. I also recently got into The Office albiet only seasons 1 – about 4. Michael is cringey and becomes more so by season 5. Besides I stand by the thought that April + Andy from Parks and Rec are the new Jim + Pam. And so much less obnoxious.

Naturally, I have found shows that iLike (was that too much? Oh God, yes it was!) by accident, mostly. Or by force. My cohort, Ebony, forced The Office on me. The Season 1 DVD sat untouched in my apartment for… months, I think, before I got bored enough to watch it. Then I started watching and I was semi curious to see what would happen, so I got a Netflix subscription (and eventually my roommate allowed me access to the internet) so I could watch Michael Scott’s cringey and more cringey acts of cringeyness ALL OF THE TIME. But by no means is The Office my favorite.

I would say that my favorite show of all time is… It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. My God, I want to be that group of people, which is horrible to say, but true. Another friend forced that show on me. In a close second is Golden Girls, which people hate on, but is actually riotously hilarious. Like, really funny. And also, I’m probably going to be golden in a few years, what with my penchant for the cat lady lifestyle. My friend Vogue (appropriate) forced that show on me. Basically, in the last year or so, I discovered that shows that made me laugh were a lot better than shows that made me want to punch the television. I had been so wrapped up in dramas and dramatic comedies that I really didn’t know what I was missing. It was actually a problem. I would tune in for Grey’s Anatomy (which was witty and funny in a pre-Diablo Coty writes Juno era, at least for the first two seasons) and Ugly Betty (oh my God, I have a shirt) but not for the good shit. Fortunately, there is Hulu so not all was lost.

With some help (Irony! You would love It’s Always Sunny. It kind of reminds me of you. I will take that as a compliment.) and with some Hulu, before it started being a bitch and only having things up for limited amounts of time, I discovered a multitude of shows that I was late on or had missed out on (Arrested Development, I love you) and I spent a lot of time doing that, and also watching Animal Planet for unknown reasons. It may have been depression. But anyway, I got into all these shows that were so funny and unknown in larger circles and I felt pretty good about it.

Recently, I discovered Archer. Why yes, we are finally getting to the topic pictured above. I was on Hulu, tired of watching Dwight.. well, I could never really tire of watching Dwight, but I tired of watching Michael and Jim and Pam, while yearning for more Kelly Kapoor, so I turned to Hulu to set everything right. I had been meaning to watch Archer even though it was animated, which I was actively holding against the show, but I let in and I started watching. And man, that shit is HILARIOUS. First of all, the mother on that show is voiced by no other than Jessica Walter (I think that’s her name. I’m not prepared to fact check this early in the morning when I still feel drunk) who plays the mother on Arrested Development. She still drinks a lot which is AMAZING and has secret relationships with a lot of men and… I just love her. Can this woman be my grandmother? Please. Anyway, it’s so hilarious and so amazing and so just, crude but in an acceptable way. It’s also got Judy Greer, who was Kitty in Arrested and Fatty McGoo in It’s Always Sunny. And some dude from SNL. And more.

Semi-big names aside, though, the show is so good. It’s so funny. Sometimes I laugh aloud. By myself. In my lonely apartment. So, it’s obviously good enough for me. The comedic timing is always on point, and I’ve been telling people about this show and they don’t believe me. So that’s fine, but I’m going to watch the last two episodes and then cry because I will have nothing else to watch. I won’t stoop to going back to Grey’s Anatomy (OR WORSE. TWO AND A HALF MEN OH MY GOD WHY IS THAT SHOW STILL ON IT IS HORRIBLE). That would be equivilant to slitting my wrists. Up and Down, not Left to Right. Although, I learned that from Grey’s.

Too much?

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